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Memorizing the witness of two stars rotating each other YuDingyu/YuDingwen


One evening, I rambled outside to feel the quiet atmosphere and watched numeral stars twinkling on the sky. Suddenly, I noticed that one star (for convenience we call the star as star A) started to move. It moved slowly at the beginning and getting faster. When it moved close to another star (we call this star as star B) the two stars started to go around each other for a half circle. Star A moved to the other side of star B, and then moved back in the coming direction with gradually reduced speed, and finally stopped at nearly the original position.


The distance between the two stars before star A moved looked like the same as the diameter of the moon. It took star A about five seconds to move through this distance. The star A moved along the tangent of its half-circle locus and with increasing speed. At the same time, star B also moved toward star A for a quarter of the distance that star A moved, and the speed is also about a quarter of that of star A. When they were moving around each other, they were at the two ends of a diameter of the circle locus, and the distance between them were about one fifth of the diameter of the moon. It took about 1 second for them to move for a half circle, and their locus were nearly two half circles. Star A draw a big circle while star B draw a small circle, both of which were similar to the hammer that was threw out by an athlete. At the same time, star B had also movement away from star A, and both the distance and the speed were about a quarter of that of star A. The whole moving locus of star A were very similar to the chain of a bicycle, whilst the whole moving locus of star B was similar to an egg. Finally, the two stars stopped at near their original positions and never moved again for quite a long observing time.


It was about 8 o’clock in the evening of Beijing time in December 1965 when this astronomic phenomenon was happen to be observed, but the exact date could not be recalled. The observing place was in the suburb of Changchun (the altitude is about 125oeast and the latitude 44o north), in the northeast of China. The location of the two stars in the sky is described as of 70o above the horizontal in the east. The approaching direction of star A to the star B was from the north to the south, and the returning direction was from the south to the north. The direction of the moving around a circle was probably anti-clockwise. The brightness of the two stars was similar and was not very bright, but could be seen clearly by the naked eyes. The brightness of the two stars were not changed during the whole observing process.


Due to the lack of knowledge in the field of astronomy at the time, the author neither recorded the exact happening time, nor measured the location area. The name of the star system was also not identified. After so long time, the academic value of the observation, which is supposed to be significant, may be degraded, for which the author feel deeply sorry. It is believed that the two stars are still on the sky and should be seen at night when it is clear, but the author is not sure which two they are. However, there must be some traces left if anything happened in the universe. Therefore, any people having interests could make observations following the information provided here. And I believe that the two star would be found finally. Through a big eccentricity will result in a long cycle of this star system movement, the cycle is a finite value. If it can be predicted for the time of next movement of the two star system, it would be fantastic for all the interested people to have chance to observe this wonder of the universe.

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