• Yii 1.1 应用开发实例发布

    发布于 2011-08-25

    关于 Yii 的第二本书 PACKT 发布了,作者是核心团队成员 Alexander Makarov (samdark)。这本书是关于 Yii 的入门指导。此书材料充分,包含13个独立的章节,向我们展示了如何高效的使用 Yii。

  • Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook announced

    发布于 2011-05-13

    PACKT publishing announced the second book about Yii authored by core team member Alexander Makarov (samdark). This book is of cookbook type featuring a lot of recipes that will allow you to learn more things not mentioned in the guide as well as to under