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A few days ago, my friend and I said something interesting: "Good night" does not mean the end of the day, but a signal of charge. It represents that the time of the night that truly belongs to me is finally coming.


Think about it carefully, this is really a portrayal of many modern people.


During the day, busy with work, busy with family, only in the evening to find their own time, so always reluctant to sleep, to open the so-called "revenge stay up late". Even though it was very late, I could not extricate myself with my mobile phone, and finally fell asleep in emptiness and regret.


The next day, because of lack of sleep, mental agitation and low efficiency of study and work, I had to spend more time in the evening to fill the vacancies during the day. While staying up late, swearing to go to bed early and get up early, not wanting to sleep at night and not wanting to wake up in the morning, we fall into a vicious circle of staying up late.


Many netizens say that they all know that staying up late hurts their bodies, but they just can't control themselves.


In fact, there are usually only two reasons for staying up late: inefficiency and lack of self-control.


In this era, not staying up late has become our most difficult self-discipline. Someone once did a survey on Weibo. Why did you stay up late? Unexpectedly, only 10% of the people had to stay up late because of the nature of their work, and 90% of them had to stay up late on their own initiative.



Having developed a bad life habit, people are often numb and do not feel harmful. But a lot of things, "when you are young, you can't feel it. When you get old, you know it."


Doctors say that staying up late can make people dull, easy to get sick, and the risk of cancer is higher than others. In recent years, many bloody cases show us the harm of staying up late.


The injury of staying up late is actually hidden in your body for a long time. You never know when it will break out.


Most of the time, you don't stay up late, but your precious life.


I read an article before, the author said that he stayed up every night since he graduated from high school. Over the years, skin blasts, crazy hair loss, perennial eye bags swelling, limbs soreness. When she went to the hospital for examination, the doctor said she had myocardial ischemia and ordered her to go to bed before 11 p.m.


The difference between staying up late and not staying up late is amazing. There was an experiment in Britain in which the same person slept for only six hours for five consecutive days, compared with sleeping for eight hours. In the former case, he looked nearly 10 years older than in the latter case. It's just a five-day comparison, not to mention the dangers of staying up late for a long time.



I know a sister who is beautiful in appearance, smooth and delicate in skin, and still graceful at the age of 40. She has long established her own design brand. Whenever and wherever she meets her, she always looks energetic and smiling. We all lamented that her life was as wonderful as a hang-up.


Later, I happened to have a chat and learned that the sister kept her regular work and rest for ten years. She hardly ever went to bed after 11 p.m. and had to get up early and run for half an hour every morning, so she could keep healthy and energetic working condition all the time.


Originally, staying up late and not staying up late are totally two different states and different lives. Originally, behind all the bright and beautiful, are you can not imagine the perseverance and self-discipline.


The more successful a person is, the more he understands the importance of working and sleeping regularly and sleeping well. Others are resting, you are staying up late chasing drama; others are working energetically, but you are drowsy; others are promoted and paid, you are still in the same place... That's how the gap between people and people is widened bit by bit.


The nights you spent today, the lazy and indulgent bodies you stole, are all bayonets for your future life.


What can a person who can't even control his sleep take to control his life? At any time, the body is the capital of revolution. Without a healthy body, what do you take to pursue your dreams, what do you take to accompany your family and lover, and what do you take to fight for the second half of your life with others?


Stop staying up late. The porridge in the morning is better than the wine in the night. The bed in the house is harder than the hospital.


People do not need to pursue wealth and nobility in this life. As long as a family is healthy and happy, it is the soft happiness given by the years.



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